Exclusive sale mandate

The first step to being able to sell your yacht is to rely on a single trusted broker who takes care of all aspects of the yacht sale: more than 80% of the exclusive sale mandates turn into a sale.
We begin by filling a detailed technical specifications sheet of the yacht together with the owner and possibly also with the help of the captain in order to define all the technical and descriptive specifications as well as the performances of the yacht.
Then we proceed with a careful photo and video shoot to capture every detail that can enhance your yacht for sale: for us it is of primary importance to make sure that your yacht is presented in the best possible way to catch the attention of potential buyers.



We will take care of contacting all potential clients in our database of ex yacht owners, current yacht owners and yacht buyers looking for a new yacht.

To ensure a wide visibility, all the details and the photo/video shoot of the yacht will be proposed and sent to the most important brokerage companies with which we constantly collaborate.
Throughout the mandate we will study a marketing strategy that involves the publication of the yacht both in the trade magazines and on the most important Web sites specilized in the yachting market.



The commercialization of the yacht on the web has now become the best marketing tool as it allows the potential customer/buyer to be able to view at any time from his mobile, tablet or computer the technical specifications, photos, download the online brochure of the yacht of his interest and also take a tour outside and inside the yacht from the comfort of his home!
In this way, the probability of quickly finding the buyer increases decisively with the advantage of being able to control the informations spread and all the promotional activities that will always be coordinated by M-Yachts