The Galapagos Islands are considered one of the most famous destinations in the world where it is still possible to observe unspoiled nature. An archipelago of 13 islands of volcanic origin that are located on the equator line in the vast Pacific Ocean and their geographical position has contributed to guaranteeing a unique ecosystem, not comparable to any other in the rest of the world. About 90% of the territory is a natural park and authorizations are required to access due to the presence on the islands of numerous unique endemic species that must be protected such as marine iguanas and giant turtles. The Galapagos were the first to be included in UNESCO's list of humanitarian assets at risk in 1979. It is a true paradise, with a variety of islands to visit, spectacular scenarios where nature and fauna reign supreme: visitors are spoiled for choice. Sailing on board of a sailing or motor yacht is the best way to visit them: the island of San Cristobal, famous for Leon Dormido, a cone-shaped rock that rises from the ocean, the island of Santa Cruz where you can see giant turtles, the island of Santiago where you can swim in the midst of sea turtles and penguins and finally the island of Genovesa. For diving enthusiasts, the Galapagos can be one of the unique experiences where you can admire the beauty of the seabed and meet species never seen anywhere else on the planet: from turtles to marine iguanas and finally penguins. The most famous spot for diving is certainly El Arco which is located on the island of Darwin, further away than the other islands but unique scenery where you can meet different species of sharks including the hammerhead shark, whale, the "eagle ray" and you will lose the account of the amount of turtles you can meet during your dives. Other famous diving spots are located in Cape Douglas, on the island of Fernandina and in Roca Redonda, an island north of Isabela. Curious to discover Galapagos! Whether you want to rent a sailing yacht to sail between the Galapagos islands or take a cruise onboard of a motor yacht, our charter brokers will assist you in finding the ideal yacht for your needs and planning the itinerary closest to your interests.


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